Saturday, 2 October 2010

X Factor (ITV1)

This week the final 32 "acts" are split into their groups and they go to the respective judges house and are narrowed down to the final 12 who will go to the live show. The over-25's has now been changed to the over 28's after the chick from Pussycat Dolls suggested they change it because "some of the guys in the over-25's a still young". So, acccording to X Factor you are no longer young at 29.

The final 12 are:

Girls - Cheryl Cole's group

Cher - Touted as being "unique" and "original" but actually is more "tuneless" and "raps bad". I have a horrible feeling she might win it.
Rebecca - A young black girl with an excellent voice, but nothing memorable. Will probably "grow" as the show progresses. This year's dark horse.
Katie - A thoroughly annoying young woman who you will love or hate, depending on whether you're intelligent (hate) or a moron (love). Shouldn't be in the show as she bottled her final audition.

Boys - Dannii's group

Aiden - a guy with over stylised hair who I have no recollection of.
Nicolo - a strange Italian lad with a genuinely eccentric personality off stage who then becomes more normal when he sings. He's actually quite likable and will probably go quite a way.
Marlon - quite natural performing he deserved to go through after being made to sing If I Was A Boy.


FYD - five blokes that together look a bit odd; i can't imagine many teenage girls putting their posters on their wall. They are also the only group that entered as a group.
Bell amie - 4 girls who weren't good enough individually so Cowell turned them into a group at bootcamp. I have no recollection of them at all. My tip to be the first voted off.
One Direction - Another group created by Cowell at boot camp. Much better than the girls, but what's the point in having a group category if you are going to make one on the day and put them thru instead?

Over 28's - Louis's group

John - the only act in the over-28's with any hope of going far. He basically only sings one note so is the X Factor's answer to Ian Curtis.
Storm Lee - a non-entity who's most memorable feature is his stupid name.
Mary - a 50 year old Tesco worker who has no chance of selling records, but has a really good voice.

The big shock was Cheryl Cole's failure to pick Gamu Nhengu; hands down the best act in the whole competition. She could sing, had a quirky voice, was immensely likable and would sell records. I think she didn't put her thru because the producers were afraid the standard British punter wouldn't be able to pronounce her surname.

I didn't endure Xtra Factor this week, but I'm sure Konnie Huq was still bollocks.

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  1. So far the tabloids this week have been filled with the FURY and (in today's Daily Record) INTERNET FRENZY at Cheryl not picking Gamu. 500 official complaints to STV, OFCOM's full total still to be tallied. I've been saying for years that the revolution will be sparked by a dodgy decision on a reality show. Actually, it'll be the fault of the tabloids, who'll whip it up until it goes out of control. Then it's heads on spikes time.

    I like the Italian fella too, but I think he's a psychopath. A touch of the Ted Bundys about him. I suspect he's the real reason the lovely Amanda Knox is languishing behind bars.