Wednesday, 26 January 2011

How TV Ruined Your Life (BBC2)

Charlie Brooker returns to the BBC with a six part series which aims to show how TV misrepresents reality. The format is essentially the same as his "wipe" shows and it benefits greatly as he has confidence in this layout. The only real difference is a lack of guest slots (no Doug Stanhope), instead replaced by the TV comedy show achilles heel; sketches.

I really enjoyed it, mainly because this is Brooker back in his full on miserable cynic persona only with a shit new haircut and a set instead of his living room. The sketches weren't fantastic, but at least Brooker wisely doesn't feature in them and they don't look as cheap and tacky as Boyle/Howard/Lee's (his director ,who I think is the guy who plays Barry Shitpeas and I think is called Ali Campbell (but he doesn't front UB40), deserves credit for all his BBC shows).

The thing I felt it achieved brilliantly was the balance between funny and serious, something 10 O'Clock Live still needs to iron out. When the point gets serious he doesn't try to force humour into it. This does lead to stretches where you don't laugh, but it doesn't matter because what you get instead is interesting.

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  1. Kevin Eldon appears to consistently be a sketch high point, although he gives off an air of treading water as he waits for Morris to give him a phone call again.
    Strangest about this program is I'm only 2 episodes in and despite it forcing my sullen expression to crack on occasion I appear to have no impetus to watch more. Although I probably will.