Friday, 24 September 2010

Undercovers (NBC)

The second pilot I tried is co-created by JJ Abrams. He also directed the pilot. It is an action series about a married couple, the Blooms played by Gugu Mbatha Raw (from some angles she looks a bit like Beyonce) and Boris Kodjoe (who has a fascinatingly strange head), who run a catering company by day, but who also happen to be world class spies. Or at least they were 5 years ago before giving it all up to have a normal life.

Within 10 minutes they have decided to become super spies again and are off ona globe trotting mission to rescue an old friend and ex-boyfriend of the Blooms named Leo. JJ clearly wanted Seann William Scott to play Leo but couldn't so instead he cast someone else and directed him to explicitly mimic SWS poorly. The only other character of note introduced was a young, psychophantic version of Tom Arnold's character from True Lies. Oh, and the whiny sister who looks after the catering while the Blooms travel from the US to Madrid, Paris, Moscow and back in 2 days, all while tracking down Leo.

First I'll talk about what was good.

OK, that's enough of that, let's move onto what failed. Simply put, everything. It is doomed the moment we meet the Blooms. They have no charisma, no likablility and no chemistry. A show revolving around a couple can't succeed when the two actors are so bollocks. Yet somehow they aren't as bad as the Tom Arnold clone, an actor and character so unfunny an anal absess would be fun in comparison.

JJ Abrams tries to make it work by moving everything along at the speed of light so the next thing is happening before you get bored, but it fails so completely to engage the viewer you never get interested enough to even muster that.

The lead bloke's head is some kind of surrealist masterpiece though.

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