Monday, 20 September 2010

Hells Kitchen USA (ITV2)

also known as Sweary Chefs.

Basically Gordon Ramsey screams profanities in the face of a bunch of chefs. This seems to be his attempt to motivate them to improve. The set up of red team (girls) vs blue team (boys) causes lots of people to get excessively pissed off at each other, but unlike better cooking shows you don't actually learn anything about food. You do get to chuckle at the utter stupidityof it all though.

This weeks highlights.
Ramsey screaming "Raw" at a woman while repeatedly punching the burger she's just made.
This was topped when the the naive Italian (Salvatore) gives Ramsey a ticket which is spelt wrong. Ramsey starts to get irate shouting "didn't you go to school" only for Salvatore to respond with "No. My family was poor and I had to work".

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  1. I watched Gordon demand only the finest for his diners... "People are starting to complain!" he shouts - oh hell, no! We can't keep the customers waiting, it might slightly sour their dining experience. And so might the horrendously unprofessional nutcase in the middle of the restaurant screaming obscenities and insults at the kitchen staff and then telling them all to just fuck off half way through the service, as families with small children go hushed an embarrassed around him. Oh, wait, that's Gordon himself. Well done Gordon. Maybe overlooked a small detail of the relaxed dining experience, there.